20 for 2020 recap

In January, I made a list of 20 things I was hoping to accomplish this year….

I don’t think any of us saw 2020 coming. I started this blog with the intention of documenting some of the local coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants I visit in my area, and boy did that go off the rails.

I put my blog on hold for the entire lockdown because, first of all…I wasn’t going anywhere. Second, I honestly just didn’t want to pretend to be more enthusiastic and hopeful than I was.

Well anyway, nearly a year has elapsed and I am looking back on the list I made a year ago and cracking up. Let’s see how I did:

  1. Get married✅
    • I did!! But the only people there were my mom, my FIL & MIL, Lucas’s Twin and his girlfriend…so 5 people. Real small .
  2. Buy less fast fashion and more vintage fashion✅
    • Honestly I barely bought any fashion at all since I was just at home. But I haven’t bought a dang thing from Shein, so I’m gonna say ✅
  3. More yoga❌
    • NOPE. Almost zero yoga. No exercise at all and I gained a bunch of weight.
  4. Get a new apartment✅
    • We did! It’s bigger and a little nicer, but the real pull was the gym…that hasn’t been opened even once.
  5. Invest more in freelance❌
    • I did a little more freelance, but not MUCH more. I’m gonna say no on this one
  6. Go on a date with Lucas every week❌
    • Hilarious. Nope. Not at all. I can’t even remember the last date we went on.
  7. Make over $50k ❓
    • I have literally no idea. I did some freelance, got a new job…I’m gonna cross my fingers and say I hope I did.
  8. Save $100/wk or more❌
    • Lol no. You would think not going anywhere would save money, but moving and getting married are expensive as hell
  9. Take more pictures ❌
    • This went the way of the yoga…meant to but didn’t.
  10. Go on 2 trips out of Washington✅
    • We went on a honeymoon! So…one trip! And we went to Vancouver before COVID. So yes!
  11. Eat out less frequently – cook more healthy meals at home ❌
    • You tried, Belle. You tried. But we ordered take out like 4 times a week for a while.
  12. See family more than once a year❌
  13. Have friend dates at least once every month❌
  14. Get a smartwatch that doesn’t hurt me✅
    • Yep! My FitBit Charge 3 BURNED my wrist whenever I wore it. I got a Fossil Sport and I love it.
  15. Stop letting laundry pile up❌
    • Ooh. Nope.
  16. Do more nice things for Lucas❌
    • Does marrying him count? Probably not.
  17. Read more✅
    • I have actually read a LOT lately.
  18. Get my license!✅
    • Yes ma’am!!
  19. Get a car? ✅
    • A really cute blue VW Jetta 💙
  20. Make a new friend❌

So 9/20. COVID really won this round.

But here is me a week after I got married with my cute new car!