49th Parallel

This past weekend we decided to get out of town (and America in general) and explore Vancouver B.C.! We did a lot of fun things, and we’re putting together a pretty fun little video, but I wanted to talk about a great brunch place!

This coffee shop/donut shop was right around the corner from our hotel and it was just adorable!

Picture of sandwiches

Lucas ordered the Cascadia sandwich, which was bacon, eggs, and cheese with relish and honey mustard! I got the Doug (+ avocado) and a drip coffee (which apparently they call “filter” coffee in Canada. Who knew?) The Doug had eggs with cheese, chives, onions, bacon, and garlic aoli!

Picture of Sandwich Bags

The sandwiches came in these cute little bags, which was very fun. They were delicious and the perfect amount of food. The coffee was DELICIOUS and not too acidic at all. Lucas, who hasn’t been liking coffee much lately had a few sips, and it passed the Lucas test.

One last thing I loved: they make their own almond milk and hazelnut milk! I didn’t get a chance to try any, because I was just taking it black, but I’ve never seen a cafe do that! I’ll have to go back and get a latte and see if it’s better.


Makeworth Market

One of my ’20 for 2020′ goals (I’ll post the whole list in another post) is to go on a date with Lucas every week. So far, just about every week we’ve gone to our coffee shop. We live very close to Fairhaven, so it’s easy to go to our same favorites over and over again…so we’ve decided to go to every coffee shop in Bellingham this year (and boy…it’s a lot)

Makeworth Market entryway

This weekend we went to Makeworth! I have seen a few Instagram posts of people in this beautiful place and I was excited to check it out myself.

Lucas is taking a break from coffee for a while, because the acidity hurts his stomach…and I don’t drink dairy, so I’ll admit our drink choices tend to be heavily amended. My favorite milk substitute is Almond milk, for flavor and calorie count… however! A lot of shops in Bellingham have stopped offering almond milk (for a lot of very good reasons that I definitely support) but I was super happy to see that Makeworth is still on the almond milk bandwagon.

I got a Merry Mint Mocha (with almond milk) from their seasonal menu, and Lucas got a Chai latte. DELICIOUS. The mocha was creamy and thick and had tiny candy cane pieces on top. Lucas loved his chai latte as well. It smelled heavenly and had gorgeous latte art, which is always fun. We also got some of their chocolate almond biscotti which was also delicious!

Makeworth also has a very curated little store area. They sell some mugs, made by a local artist, and a lot of little curios. It seems like a great place for local makers to showcase their work.

All in all, we have nothing bad or neutral to say about Makeworth. Delicious drinks, beautiful atmosphere. It’s a nice, big, open location with huge windows, letting in tons of light. The baristas are friendly and talented.

Highly recommend!