Backgrounds for fun Self-Timer Portraits

One way to up your selfie game is to integrate a fun backdrop. Luckily our world is filled with amazing murals, beautiful locations, and fun environmental design. Unluckily….winter happens. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where for a solid 4 months it is dark, and grey and wet outside. Terrible for pictures. I also don’t have a gorgeous, well lit home that lends itself to great content.

Not to be discouraged by the weather, I decided to bring the weather indoors! I looked on Amazon and found that there are TONS of fun tapestries for around $20 each (give or take a few)

I have a fairly professional lighting setup, but I’m sure you could get the same effect with a few floor lamps.

I set my camera to a wide aperture and a pretty fast shutter speed, which allowed me to do a few fun hair flip pictures

Here’s a link to this tapestry if you want to get the same one!

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