20 for 2020

I am a devout follower of The Onward Project. It’s a network of Podcasts started by Gretchen Rubin.

On Happier, a podcast, the hosts make a list every year if things they want to accomplish within that year. This year, 2020, the list is 20 items long.

Being a textbook Obliger (another Gretchen Rubin term), I benefit strongly from outer accountability…so just by posting this list, makes in more likely that I’ll follow through….so here’s the list!

  • Get married
  • Buy less fast fashion and more vintage fashion
  • More yoga
  • Get a new apartment
  • Invest more in freelance
  • Go on a date with Lucas every week
  • Make over $50k
  • Save $100/wk or more
  • Take more pictures
  • Go on 2 trips out of Washington
  • Eat out less frequently – cook more healthy meals at home
  • See family more than once a year
  • Have friend dates at least once every month
  • Get a smartwatch that doesn’t hurt me
  • Stop letting laundry pile up
  • Do more nice things for Lucas
  • Read more
  • Get my license!
  • Get a car?
  • Make a new friend

Tell me your 20 for 2020!

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